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A compendium of the most inspirational photographers! And a great course to match!

This site is intended as a resource for students taking OPI 204 Masters of Photography. The site has examples of the work of some of the greatest photographers of all time.

But the criteria for getting a page on this site is not that a photographer made good photos – it’s that the photographers here have something of relevance to 21st century photography students.

The OPI 204 course looks at twelve famous photographers from the past and present, the masters of the art. You won’t be just reading about their work – you’ll be taking photos. You’ll be either working in their style or recreating their images.

I’ve been running courses that have been based on this model for a number of years, and I often get feedback along the lines of “I didn’t expect to enjoy this course so much!” The course in the end is not so much about imitating other photographers but developing your own style. The course really achieves two goals – first it opens you up to a variety of different approaches and methods, different reasons for photography; and secondly, as you work through other photographers’ styles you’ll soon become aware that some methods work really well for you, and others don’t. Sometimes the process of adapting a style that was suited to a different time and place can produce unexpectedly interesting results – it’s your response to the Masters’ work, the way you adapt it you your location and gear, that is the most useful part of the course.

I’ll be adding more pages as time goes by, and also adding more text to the pages that are here. There’s also a 304 follow up course in development that will add another twelve photographers to stretch your skills further.