Karl Blossfeldt was a professor of sculpture who was also a self taught photographer. Working on a series of photographs intending to show the architecture-like structure of plants for his students in the 1920s he ended up with Urformen der Kunst (Art forms in Nature) which became a surprise hit – a coffee table best-seller. And deservedly so. His work revels the structures of the plants using formal compositions, and beautifully toned prints.

Looking at Blossfeldt’s work is like looking at the hand of God. Oh that we could just see our surroundings like this all the time!

Mookshood, A young shoot magnified six times

Bryonia alba White bryony, tendrils 8x

Adiantum pedatum, Maidenhair fern, young unfurling fronds, magnified twelve times

Tendrils of a pumpkin magnified four times

Nigela Damascena

Aspidium filixmas, Common male fern, young unfurling fronds, magnified four times

Nigella damascena, Love-in-a-mist, sepals, magnified six times

Dianthus plumarius, Grass Pink, 8x

Symphytum officinale, Common comfrey, flower, 25x

Campanula Vidalii, Bellflower, flower w/ petals removed, 10x

Chasmanthium latifolia (Gramineae), spikelets 2.5x

Venae folii, Leaf of a Colona species, leaf veins, 45x

Geum rivale, Water avens, flower bud without sepals, 25x

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